California Rolls with Crab 1+1

California Rolls composition: crab meat, avocado, tobiko, cucumber, nori, rice. 8 pc.
22,90 ₾
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Ingredients: rice 45%, soy sauce: Water, soy, wheat, salt, caramel, monosodium glutamate, potassium sorbate, Orange tobiko: flying fish roe, crab sticks 7%: minced fish, Wheat starch, water, sugar, salt, egg protein, monosodium glutamate, carmine dye, avocado, cucumber, ginger in the marinade: ginger, water, vinegar, salt, sugar, citric acid, aspartame, sorbet, cheese, wasabi sauce: radish powder, mustard powder, nori.

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Soy sauce is a dark brown salty liquid. It is obtained during the fermentation of soy.
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